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Urfa, Turkey − Al-Qaeda linked group of the Islamic state in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) raided the villages of Mutkaltah and Tanhuza, west of Tel Abyad city in al-Raqqa province. 

“During the raiding, the ISIS confiscated six civil cars from the village of Tanhuza and ordered the villagers to evacuate their homes within 24 hours, after the Kurdish forces of the YPG targeted  their headquarters in the area with homemade rockets,” and eyewitness in the village of Mutkaltah told ARA News on phone.

The same source reported that a convoy of cars that belong to ISIS raided Tanhuza village on Wednesday, and ordered the villagers to evacuate their homes during a maximum period of 24 hours, accusing them to deal with the YPG−armed forces linked to the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD).

“The ISIS members has also detained the Pharmacist Fadel Ahmad Ismail, and he was taken to Tel Abyad, the reason is still unknown,” the same sources told ARA News.   

In the same context, an Arab citizen in the city of Tel Abyad told ARA News that an Islamic brigade linked to ISIS headed to Tel Abyad and targeted the village of Yabisa with machine guns (Dushka model) “in an attempt to loot the village after displacing dozens of families, most of them are women and children”.

In other developments in the area, an exchange of bodies of dead fighters took place between the YPG and the Islamist battalions in the village of Yarqo on Monday, west of Tel Abyad. 

Notably, the destiny of dozens of Kurds who were abducted on July 21 of this year in the city of Tel Abyad by the Islamist groups (al-Nusra and ISIS) is still unknown. According to activists, the Kurdish residents in the city and its suburbs are exposed to an “ethnic cleansing campaign”. 


Report by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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