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Afrin, Aleppo, Syria − Residents of the Kurdish villages of Jinderis and Bilbile in Afrin Suburbs were threatened by forces loyal to the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) to not leave the area; otherwise, their private properties will be confiscated by the Asayish forces−security wing of the PYD.

Members of the Asayish issued a statement that was read through the mosques’ loudspeakers in Jinderis and Bible over the last few weeks calling on the villagers to their houses and stay in the area, threatening those who want to leave of confiscating their private properties.

“The PYD security wing is vowing to raid the empty houses and seize any property available there under the pretext of implementing what they called ‘maintenance of public interest’,” an activist in the Kurdish city of Afrin told ARA News. “The Asayish is carrying out such operations under the pretext of encouraging people to stay in their areas, which will preserve the Kurdish region in Syria from any potential demographic change or domination by rebel group, according to the PYD forces’ claims.”   

Sources in Afrin revealed to ARA News that 45 Kurdish houses were stormed by the Asayish in the village of Qustul Jindo near Azaz, north of Aleppo, and property of the displaced families was taken over by the Asayish members. Among the property confiscated were tractors and private cars. 

In the village of Hassan Dira in Arran area near Afrin, a villa owned by Hisso family was raided by the PYD-lined forces of Asayish. 

Last week, four olive presses in Rajo town were controlled by the Asayish as their owners left the area. Besides, ten empty houses in the village of Bibile were reportedly stormed by the same forces. 

In a linked context, the Kurdish Azadi Party in Syria issued a statements saying that the PYD security forces targets the private property of civilians who have left their areas and resorted to neighbouring countries seeking security. The statement read that private cars of two citizens, Ghareeb Dawood and Mehdi Hassan, were confiscated by the Asayish in Sherran town and Dikmattash village last week. 

The party accused the PYD of executing “reckless and irresponsible” practices in several Kurdish areas in Syria. 

Ibrahim Avdal, a Kurdish activist, told ARA News that the Asayish ordered the residents of Tel Temir town (near Sere Kaniye/Ras Al Ain) and the city of al-Hasakah to report the houses whose owners have left the area. “Apparently to carry out similar operation against those houses,” Avdal said. 

Forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) controls most of the governmental buildings across the Kurdish region in Syria, including headquarters of the security forces and the police, beside the former offices of the Baath Party. Activists accuse the PYD of cooperating with the Assad regime to dominate the area. 



Source: ARA News


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