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Urfa, Turkey − The Kurdish Popular protection Units (YPG)−armed wing of the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD)− declared on Sunday that its forces targeted a sniper from the Turkish army who was located at the top of a residential building near the Syrian Kurdish bordering town of Gire Sor, in the western suburbs of Tel Abyad city. 

In a statement issued on Sunday, the YPG said that the Turkish sniper was cooperating with the Islamist forces in their fight against the Kurdish forces in Syria’s north-eastern area.

The YPG considered the participation of Turkish snipers in the fight between the Kurdish forces and the Islamist groups north Syria as an evidence of Turkey’s involvement in backing Islamists against Syrian Kurds. 

A source close to the YPG said that the Kurdish forces killed the sniper after he shot one of its fighters dead in Gire Sor.

“During its clashes with the al-Qaeda Islamist groups of Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS), the YPG forces found out the location of the Turkish sniper who targeted its fighters and killed him,” the source told ARA News. “Several Islamist fighters were also killed during the clashes. ISIS and al-Nusra are not able yet to collect their fighters’ bodies.”

The YPG has also announced that its forces killed the leader of the al-Sham Islamic Movement, Abu Isam, during clashes in Hasha area near Tel Abyad. Al-Sham Islamic Movement is one of the brigades of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).  

In a linked development, the Popular Protection Units (YPG) said that 8 of its members were killed in the recent clashes with the Islamist forces over the last three days. 

Tel abyad city is one of the main areas where the Islamist groups carry out their operations. The city saw a considerable displacement of civilians over months of fierce clashes between the Kurdish YPG forces and the Islamist groups.  


Report by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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