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Qamishli, Syria− Salah Badruddin, a Syrian Kurdish writer and politician. He was the secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Leftist Party in Syria in 1970s and became the general secretary of the Kurdish Popular Union Party in 1980. Badruddin established in Lebanon the Kawa Association for Kurdish Culture between the years 1975-1978. He also built strong ties with the Palestinian Liberation Organization. However, he left the partisan work in 2003. Badruddin published several books on politics.

According to Salah Badruddin, the declaration of the self-rule government (also referred to as a transitional administration) by the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) and other minor Kurdish, Arab and Syriac parties exceeds the level of merely positing a viewpoint about it (referring to the self-rule government) because of the sudden appearance of these parties following the start of the Syrian crisis. He ascribed the establishment of these parties to “the arrangement and command of the Iranian and Syrian regimes”, saying that this appearance is appointed in “fighting the Syrian revolution and isolating the Kurds in Syria from this revolution”. Badruddin further explained that these forces “work according to the regime’s agendas and for the sake of a military deployment in the Kurdish strategic and oil-rich areas, near the borders with Turkey and the Iraqi Kurdistan”. 

“The declaration of this self-rule government (in Syria’s northern areas) is inseparable from the regime’s tactics to divide the Kurds and separate their areas in order to distort their just and rightful cause and to isolate it from the Syrian national and democratic context represented in the pro-democracy revolt against the tyrannical Syrian regime,” he said. 

In an exclusive interview with ARA News, Badruddin emphasized that the declaration of the PYD-led self-rule government “hasn’t been done in the framework of political and administrative self-determination and can’t be counted as an actual self-rule government”, arguing that a self-rule government “has to be established in a national concord and framework defining geographical boundaries and a national constitutional guarantee. Moreover, it has to regard the other national coexisting components”.

According to Badruddin, the self-rule (autonomous) government lacks legitimacy, arguing that the PYD tries to “impose its agenda against the will of the overwhelming majority as a de facto authority in the region (north Syria)”.  

Regarding the timing of the declaration, which coincided the ongoing peace talks in Geneva, Badruddin said: “This timing is in favour of the Syrian regime’s policy, which tries to shuffle the cards and to suggest that it is in the process of resolving the Kurdish question to win the support of the Kurds as part of its dishonorable tactics in playing with the card of non-Arab and non-Muslim minorities.”

Badruddin also expressed his resentment concerning the PYD’s behaviours, saying that the PYD’s practices indicate “its involvement in fomenting seditions between the Kurds and the Arabs in Sheikh Maksoud district in Aleppo city”.

“They tried to do the same in areas such as Sere-Kaniye, Tel Abyad and Qamishli in order to take over power there by force of arms and violence,” he told ARA News

Badruddin concluded saying that the future of Syria’s Kurds is “an integral part of the interests of the Syrian people as a whole and can’t be separated from the course of the ongoing popular revolution which represents the aspirations of the Kurdish people as well as all other components of the Syrian society”, adding that this has to be embodied “in ousting the Assad tyrannical regime and rebuilding a new pluralistic Syria”.


Interviewed by: Azad Jamkari  

Source: ARA News


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