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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan− The General Coordinator of the Kurdish Democratic Reformation Movement in Syria, Faisal Yusif, said that any solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria would be determined by the outcome of the ongoing crisis in the country, emphasizing that Kurds cannot be isolated from the general developments in Syria. 

In an interview with ARA News, Yusif stressed that the future of the Kurdish people in Syria is “at stake”.

“The Syrian Kurdish political movement should have been provided with sufficient support to overcome disputes and achieve the necessary unity in order to accomplish the aspirations of the Kurdish people in gaining their legitimate national and cultural rights,” Yusif argued. “The agreement of Erbil (signed between rival Syrian Kurdish political forces nearly one year ago) was not implemented. Otherwise, the Kurds would have been able to jointly administer their areas (in northern Syria).”  

Yusif reassured that the Kurdish National Council (KNC) −a coalition of 16 Kurdish parties and organizations− still insists the importance of applying this agreement as it is considered a solid foundation that can be developed through a joint Kurdish work on different levels, whether political, administrative or services-related.

“Applying Erbil Agreement will facilitate efficient communication between the KNC and the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan (led by forces loyal to the Democratic Union Party PYD), and even with other forces inside and outside the country,” Yusif told ARA News

“This way, both Kurdish councils (KNC and the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan) will struggle together in order to serve the Kurdish people and achieve their legitimate rights in the framework of a democratic federal Syria,” said Yusif. “A state with a constitution that recognizes the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people according to the international conventions”. 

The Erbil Agreement was signed under the sponsorship of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraqi Kurdistan. 

According to Yusif, the KRG holds the same distance towards the different Syrian Kurdish political forces, aiming at bringing these forces together to make joint efforts and achieve the ambitions of the Kurdish people in Syria.  

“They (Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan) are keen to support the rights of the Kurdish people in Syria,” Yusif said. 

“In light of the current situation in Syria, any biases by the political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan towards their peers (in Syria) will contribute to the intensification of the disputes. But we count on the KRG’s wisdom in dealing with the Syrian situation in this sensitive phase,” Yusif added. 

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is considered the main supporter to the Syrian Kurds amidst the current crisis. 

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) −which contributed to the formation of the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan− declared the establishment of a self-rule in Syria’s Kurdish areas few months ago, the fact which raised the anger of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) which considered PYD’s step as an attempt to monopolize power in these areas and exclude KNC’s members from the political map. While the KRG deemed the PYD’s declaration of a self-rule as a violation to the Erbil Agreement (which emphasizes consensus between the different Syrian Kurdish forces regarding any issue that concerns Syria’s Kurds). 


Interviewed by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News


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