Turkey backs Islamists against Syrian Kurds: activists

ARA News

Kilis, Turkey – The jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah Öcalan, issued a statement from his prison in Imrali, vowing to the Turkish authorities to end the peace process reached (after 30 years of conflict between both sides) if any massacres take place in the Syrian northern city of Kobane –where Kurds constitute a majority.

Kobane is located at the Syrian border with Turkey, and the Turkish authorities are accused by Kurdish activists of supporting Islamists who are currently advancing towards the city of Kobane.

The statement came following the advancement of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) towards the city of Kobane amid clashes with the Kurdish forces of the YPG (linked to the PKK), despite the US-led air attacks against IS strongholds in the vicinity of the city.

Ibrahim Muslim, Member of the General Legislative Assembly of the Democratic Auto-Administration (led by the Democratic Union Party ‘PYD’),  stated to ARA News: “Turkey supports IS in its brutal attacks against Kobane. Turkey is practically fighting the Kurds, so no peace will be made with them.”

Muslim believes that Öcalan’s statement ” will motivate Turkey to reconsider its position for fear of some Kurdish action in Bakurê Kurdistanê (the Kurdish region in Turkey)”.

“We do not ask Turkey to help Kobane but stop supporting IS in its war against Kurds,” Musim argued.

Speaking to ARA News, activist Serhad Hussein commented on Öcalan’s statement, saying: “The city of Kobane is almost completely evacuated, and talking about potential massacres could be unrealistic.”

“This is not the first statement by Öcalan in this regard. He has already threatened the Turkish authorities about the situation of Syria several times, but Turkey is ignoring his statements,” Hussein said.

Hussein pointed out that Murat Qaraylan, the current Chief of Staff in the PKK, stated that he would send 3000 fighters to Kobane, “but has done nothing yet”.

“If the PKK wants to prevent massacres in Kobane, it must provide fighters with weapons like anti-armour of which the PKK has plenty,” the Kurdish activist argued.

On the other hand, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said during a meeting with leader of the Kurdish Democratic People Party (HDP), Selahattin Demirtas, that “helping Kobane cannot happen without HDP’s voting for the bill of military operations by the Turkish army outside their borders.”

On Thursday, the Turkish Parliament gave approval for military action in Syria and Iraq as well as the use of foreign troops to launch operations against extremist groups from Turkish soil.

Commenting on Davutoğlu’s statement, Kurdish political activist Mohammad Qadduri told ARA News that the PKK operates “according to its own interests with Turkey”, adding that Demirtas (leader of HDP) has strong links with the PKK and will follow its leader’s orders when it comes to their relations with the Turkish government.

“The PYD (Syrian version of the PKK), on the other hand, is now about to pledge allegiance to Turkey, which is a shift of interest after three years of coordination with the Assad regime in Syria. So the PYD demands the price of this shift,” Qadduri said.

Qadduri added that Turkey would never approve the establishment of a Kurdish entity in Syria.

“Turkey postpones its participation in the anti-IS international coalition until it finds a solution for Kurdish issue; as it realizes the importance of Öcalan in solving the Syrian crisis,” Qadduri told ARA News.

Noteworthy, the Turkish government showed its intention of establishing a buffer zone in northern Syria, but no official decision is made yet in this regard.


Reporting by: Zaradash Khalil

Source: ARA News

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