Kurds regain main ISIS-held town south Qamishli

A Kurdish fighter from the YPG in southern Qamishli. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – After nearly one week of clashes against militants of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS), the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) regained control of the town of Tel Hamis, in the southern countryside of Qamishli city, northeast Syria, military sources reported on Friday. 

Tel Hamis had been under the control of IS radicals for nearly one year and was considered the main stronghold for the group south of the Kurdish-majority city of Qamishli. 

Speaking to ARA News from Tel Hamis, a Kurdish fighter said that the YPG forces were finally able to regain the town, after intensive operations against headquarters of IS.

“Our (YPG) flag is now raised on the main hill in the town as well as on public institutions,” the source reported. “Dozens of bodies of IS terrorists were pulled out of the town following the liberation.” 

The civil rights activist Ali Ismail confirmed for ARA News that the YPG forces began a major offensive on the town from the south, and were able to impose their control on the southern neighborhoods before taking over the entire town on Friday evening.

Kurdish political activist Jamal Abu Dilo told ARA News: “Liberating Tel Hamis from terrorists will remove IS threats and eliminate them from our cities, towns and villages.”

“IS car bombs and improvised explosive devices in Qamishil were mostly coming from Tel Hamis. So this horror is over,” Abu Dilo said.

“The liberation of Tel Hamis will have a positive impact on the process of municipal elections announced by the Auto-Administration in Jazeera Canton (Hasakah province),” he said.

A Kurdish fighter added that this campaign was aimed at “taking revenge for the YPG martyrs” who were killed in an IS-planned ambush near Tel Hamis. The ambush was planned nearly eight months ago, when at least 35 Kurdish male and female fighters were killed. 

According to military sources, the Kurdish forces liberated Tel Hamis with support from the U.S.-led international coalition’s warplanes. 


Reporting by: Dilshad Muhammad 

Source: ARA News

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