Syrian rebels report new gains in Daraa

A rebel fighter of the Southern Front of the Free Syrian Army gestures while standing with his fellow fighter near their weapons at the front line in the north-west countryside of Daraa March 3, 2015. (Reuters)

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – Subsequent to fierce battles with the Syrian regime’s forces, factions of the armed opposition forces reportedly seized control of the town of Kafr Shams in the northern countryside of Daraa, southern Syria, on Tuesday. 

According to military sources, the opposition fighters launched an offensive on a major checkpoint held by the regime’s forces in the vicinity of the town of Kafr Shams.

Jassim Mutawe, a fighter in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Daraa’s countryside, stated to ARA News that the town of Kafr Shams has a great importance “as it opens the path for the rebels to control the strategic village of Qita”, which is the gateway to the city of Sanamayn, the second largest city in the countryside of Daraa after Nawa.

Mutawe added that the Syrian regime brought in large military reinforcements “including Iraqi and Iranian Shiite militias” to Qita following the withdrawal of its soldiers from the town of Kafr Shams.

Daraa witnesses fierce battles between pro-Assad army forces –Shiite militias– and the opposition forces, who were able last week to control the Nasib crossing, the last crossing held by the regime on the Jordanian border. 

Seizing control of Nasib border crossing and the city of Bosra Sham (in the eastern countryside of Daraa) are considered as the most prominent gains by the armed opposition forces in Southern Syria.


Reporting by: Darwish Haman 

Source: ARA News

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