Islamists shell regime-held districts in Damascus, casualties reported

Shells hit Damascus. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – On Tuesday, several mortar shells and Katyusha rockets hit several districts of Damascus, southern Syria, causing human casualties and material damage, local activists reported.

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, aid worker Mai Sadiq reported that the shells fell on the neighborhoods of Mazzeh Jabal, Mazzeh Khazzan, Mazzeh 86 and near the Russian Embassy in the Mazraa neighborhood as well as in al-Maliki district in central Damascus.

Also, other shells hit the Tahrir Square and the suburb of al-Assad on the outskirts of the Syrian capital.

“Khazzan attacks led to the injury of eight people, including six members of one family,” she added.

The source pointed out that the wounded were transferred to the University Hospital of al-Muwasat amid intense security deployment and the fear of continuing bombardment on the capital.

Activists revealed that one of the wounded was identified as Iyad Suleiman from Mezze 86, and six people from Khalloufa family in Mazzeh Jabal district.

The targeted areas are run by pro-regime forces. Residents accused Islamist rebels of conducting the attacks. 

“These attacks target civilians in the residential areas rather than the regime’s military and security headquarters,” Mohamed Dimashqi, an opposition activist, told ARA News.

In the recent months, the regime-held neighborhoods of Damascus were exposed to several attacks by rebels of the Army of Islam led by Zahran Aloush, causing civilian casualties. 


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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