Pro-Assad district in Homs under rebels’ attack

Bombed district in Homs city. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – At least 25 people, including security members, were hardly injured Sunday in the city of Homs when a truck loaded with explosive devices hit a residential building in Karam al-Loz district, local activists reported.

“A huge explosion caused by a truck bomb attack in the densely populated area of Karam al-lox left 25 people hardly injured,” locals told ARA News in Homs. 

There is a security vacuum at several entrances if the city, which may lead to the increase of entry of bombed cars to the city. Pro-Assad forces minimized their existence at major eastern entrances of Homs city, deploying more in Alawite inhabited neighborhoods of the city. 

Syrian media activist Mahmoud al-Khayyir told ARA News in Homs that the attack was carried out to Islamist rebels, who try to alert pro-Assad forces of their ability to penetrate neighborhoods run by the regime. 

“Subsequent to their remarkable gains in Idlib, rebel fighters try to advance in Homs, and such operations indicate their ability to reach pro-Assad districts of the city,” he said. 


Reporting by: Adel Hassan

Source: ARA News

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