Militants of the Islamic State in Mosul. File photo

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DUHOK – Beheadings, cutting off hands and public floggings have become daily scenes in areas held by the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS), according to local sources and monitoring groups.

Over the last two months, hundreds of people have been executed, whipped and some 90 alleged thieves have had a hand chopped off in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Those who are accused of apostasy, blasphemy, spying, or mocking the ISIS self-declared Caliphate, are being barbarically executed. 

“An Iraqi citizen was chopped into small pieces by ISIS militants in Mosul last week, after the group accused him of mocking the Caliphate,” a local source told ARA News under the condition of anonymity.

The radical group has repeatedly killed civilians in the city for what it called “leaking confidential information” about ISIS activities.

The “Mosul Eye” is a monitoring group that documents daily life and incidents in Mosul since it fell to the ISIS extremists in June 2014.

“Mosul Eye group has detailed information documented in both English and Arabic that provide names, places, dates and numbers of executions and other kinds of brutal activities against civilians at the hands of Daesh (ISIS) in Mosul,” an activist in the group told ARA News under the condition of anonymity. 

“A total of 438 people have been executed last month. We have detailed data on every victim,” the source added. 

In the same period, more than 120 citizens of Mosul have been brutally whipped for listening to music, smoking and beard shaving. 

“Moreover, hundreds of people have been mercilessly punished for violating Islamic dress and not attending prayers,” member of the Mosul Eye group told ARA News, adding that at least 90 people had a hand chopped off for theft last month. 

The data also contained details about anti-ISIS airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition forces in Mosul, documenting dozens of ISIS militants killed in the attacks, according to the Mosul Eye.

One of the stories documented by the Mosul Eye was explaining the case of Karim al-Omar, a citizen who was sentenced to be whipped in public for not closing his restaurant in the time of prayers.

“While the man was being brutally whipped, he blasphemed the name of God and the Prophet. Doing this, he was immediately beheaded in front of a large crowd of people and ISIS officials,” the Mosul Eye documented.

Reporting by: Abd Yousef 

Source: ARA News

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