Women waiting for water vehicle in Qamishli's Hileliya. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

HASAKAH – People in major districts of Syria’s northeastern Hasakah city suffer shortage of water. Most of civilians, especially in the Nashwa area, are obliged to walk long distances everyday in order to get a few battles of drinking water. 

People try to survive hard living conditions, and the need for water increases in the summer where it gets over 40 degrees, but the shortage seems unescapable in this part of war-torn Syria.

Munira Abdullah, mother of four, told ARA News in Hasakah that the scarcity of water has depended their suffering beside the deteriorating security conditions.

“There is no water here. We move from one place to another and walk long distances in order to get some drinking water. We hardly get water that could cover our family’s need for a day,” she said.

“It is a daily challenge to get water here. We keep looking for drinkable water everyday. In the past we were being provided with a sufficient amount of water. But since the war broke out five years ago, we’ve been suffering a sharp shortage of water beside other basic supplies,” she told ARA News.

The local Self-Administration, that has been running parts of Hasakah province such as Nashwa since expelling militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) from the area nearly one year ago, tries to help civilians.

According to local sources, the Kurdish administration provides limited aid to the people in accordance with its limited resources.

On the other hand, the Centre for Peace and Civil Society in Hasakah has recently launched a project to found artesian wells in order to support people with water.

Speaking to ARA News, member of the local council of Nashwa district in Hasakah Muhammad al-Salman said: “When ISIS broke into Nashwa, the area lost all kinds of services. Now our council is trying to provide the people with basic services such as electricity, water and health.”

“We are trying to do our best to serve the people, but the capabilities are limited,” he said.

Reporting by: Qehreman Miste

Source: ARA News

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