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PKK official to ARA News: Kurds should unite to defeat ISIS, protecting Kirkuk duty of all Kurds


PKK Commander Jamal Andouk speaking to ARA News in Kirkuk

ARA News 

KIRKUK – Jamal Andouk, Commander of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Kirkuk of northern Iraq, emphasized the importance of coordination and cooperation between the different Kurdish factions in the war on Islamic State (ISIS).

“Combatting this barbaric group (ISIS) is a duty for all Kurds, and we (PKK) are here at the Kirkuk front to protect Kurdistan against those terrorists,” Andouk told ARA News. 

“This group is not just a threat to Kurdistan and the Middle East, it is a cancer that tries to invade the world, since the ISIS-led attacks have exceeded Kurdistan and the region to reach different parts of the world, and it must be eliminated at any cost,” he said. 

The PKK is listed by the United States and Europe as a terror organization. “As a Kurdish forces, we are encountering various challenges here, because we as PKK are listed as a terror organization by the international community and at the same time we’ve proved to be one of the main forces fighting ISIS terrorists, and this reality urges everyone to reconsider who is the real terrorist,” the PKK official said in an exclusive interview with ARA News.

“We [PKK] are known as an armed force, and we do not represent a specific social component or political agenda, that’s why we’re being excluded by the international community.”

Speaking about the importance of Kirkuk, Andouk said: “For the unity of Kurdistan, Kirkuk is considered very important. This city represents the Kurdish will to maintain this historical land against any threats.”

“On the other hand, Kirkuk is an oil-rich province, that’s why the different regional and international powers are concerned about it and each party tries to take over Kirkuk,” he added.

“Currently there are many Kurdish political parties and organizations, but we’ve never met in a conference that could have include us all. We need such a conference to discuss the Kurdish issue with other parties, and make decisions on various matters. All parties should be included in the decision-making process regarding the Kurdish cause and the ongoing developments in the region,” the PKK commander in Kirkuk concluded. 

Interview by: Pierre-yves Baillet

Source: ARA News 

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