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After extended meetings and debates over more than a week, the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) took a decision to join the ranks of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) −the opposition’s and revolutionary forces’ largest umbrella.  

On Saturday, the KNC declared its decision to become an official member of the Syrian National Coalition, with a believe to reach a “fair solution to the Kurdish legitimate rights in Syria” through joint efforts with other Syrian partners within the coalition. 

In order to efficiently start its activities under the umbrella of the SNC, the Kurdish council appointed 11 of its members to represent the KNC in the coalition.

The Kurdish National Council has also called on the coalition to respect the particularity of the Kurdish areas in Syria, adding that that SNC should take into consideration the “Kurds’ right to set their administrative officials to run the civil affairs in the Syrian Kurdish region”. 

The KNC’s decision was preceded by a series of meetings that saw remarkable differences in the views of the council’s members, which formed, according to observers, a basis for the council’s final decision.

Khalid Amin, member of the KNC, told ARA News on Saturday that the consensus was finally reached within the KNC to join the opposition’s coalition after rifts between the council’s members on this issue.  

“Due to the considerable division within the Kurdish National Council’s (KNC) regarding the issue of joining the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) and the conditions that needed to be dealt with, the KNC was hesitant to take a final decision in this regard,” Amin stated. 

According to Amin, different views have been presented during the meetings the KNC held last week to discuss the issue of joining the ranks of the SNC.

“Some Kurdhish parties considered the step of joining the opposition’s coalition a ‘political loss’ to the Kurds, while others insisted that taking such a step will guarantee the rights of the Kurdish people in a post-Assad Syria,” Amin added.

A number of Kurdish activists have shown their support to the KNC’s step on their pages on the social networking sites, describing it as “the first step towards reassuring an efficient solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria”, emphasizing the necessity of “practicing pressures” on the Arab opposition to recognize the “Kurdish legitimate rights” in Syria. 


Source: ARA News

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