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Kurdish areas experience economically suffocating siege since more than two years. Residents of these areas are reportedly suffering from the high prices of necessary supplies which have sharply climbed, beside a remarkable shortage in water, electricity, fuel and bread.  

The difficulties faced by residents increased with the influx of refugees from other stricken Syrian cities, such as Der Azzor and Aleppo into the Kurdish areas. Maabada/Girke Lage is one of the areas which suffers from a serious shortage of bread.  

The humanitarian crisis has mounted as a result of the influx of a large number of refugees, especially from Tal Kochar/Alyaarobiya town and other surrounding villages where continuous clashes take place, so the high demand for bread has been problematic. The limited number of bakeries in Girke Lege, west of Qamishli, cannot provide civilians with sufficient amount of bread. 

The current shortage threatens the lives of more than 23,000 residents, according to statistics conducted by the local committee of the Kurdish National Council in Girke Lage. 

The specified amount of flour in bakeries has decreased to the half, where the portion was fifty bags of flour per day, but it has declined to twenty-six bags. The main bakery in the area runs only for three days a week.


Distribution mechanism

Bread is being distributed according to figures where the 400 numbers are distributed to people and they start recording in a queue at 13:00 o’clock in the afternoon, while the bakery starts working at 22:05 in the evening and continues until 12:05 after midnight. In the first hour, bread is distributed to members of the Popular Protection Units (YPG), the military wing of the Democratic Union party in Syria(PYD). Then, it is distributed to the other people of the town, which means that only 150 to 200 families are provided with bread.

One of the citizens said that one bread bundle costs 25 Syrian pounds which usually has 15 loaves inside. For lucky people who stand in a queue and are already registered in a list, they will only get one bundle, regardless of their number.


Social problems

According to sources, the bread crisis in Girke Lage resulted in several quarrels among people in front of the main bakery. These problems are constantly occurring among the residents of the town during the process of bread distribution. 

Because of these quarrels, members of the Asayish, the security arm of the PYD, try to intervene in order to maintain security, according to sources in Girke Lege. 


Report by: Novin Maree

Source: ARA News

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