Kurdish fighters targeted by suicide bomber in Syria’s Chel Agha



 ARA News

Chel Agha, Hasaka, Syria − A member of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) was killed in a car explosion in the city of Chel Agha in the Hasaka province, north Syria.

The car was carrying members of the YPG before being targeted by a bombed motorcycle near the main road in Chel Agha on Friday. The explosion resulted in the death of one member of the YPG while the others were seriously injured, according to an informed source in the YPG who talked to ARA News on the phone. 

“The explosion took place around 12 Oclock in the afternoon when the YPG car was carrying a number of members towards the town of Girke Lege, east of Chel Agha,” the source said. “We couldn’t verify the identity of the executer yet, but our leadership started an investigation.

Next to Mazloum, the YPG’s member who was killed during the explosion, 7 others were reportedly injured in the incident. 

“The wounded were immediately transferred to the Salam hospital in the neighbouring town of Girke Lege/Maabadeh to receive treatment,” the source told ARA News.

A member of the medical staff at the hospital confirmed to ARA News that most of the YPG fighters who were in the car were seriously injured.

“We provided them with the necessary treatment, but most of them are in unstable health status,” the member of the medical staff in Salam hospital said. “Apparently, the bomber didn’t succeed in exploding the whole car by his bombed motorcycle, otherwise no one would survive the incident.”  

Kurdish activists accused the Islamic groups to stand behind the incident, especially with the growing conflict between the Kurdish forces of the YPG−the armed win of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− and the al-Qaeda linked Islamic groups in northern Syria. 

Meanwhile, sporadic clashes took place on Sunday between the YPG forces and the al-Qaeda affiliated fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) near the villages of Alok an Yusifiyah, Kurdish media activists reported. 

In a related development, fierce clashes broke out between ISIS and the YPG forces in the village of Safa, near Chel Agha on Monday morning. Safa clashes resulted in the death of three members of the YPG, sources said.

As the Kurdish-Islamist conflict continue, the al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS group is reportedly trying to control the oil-rich Kurdish area of Rumailan in north-eastern Syria. 



Source: ARA News


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