U.N. first aid cargo to Syria’s Kurdish region completed



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Rome, Italy− According to the UNHCR, the Kurdish areas northeast Syria were considered difficult to access over the past 33 months of crisis. However, the United Nations reached an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government in the Iraqi Kurdistan last month to use the Erbil airport in order to convey basic supplies to the residents of Syria’s Kurdish region.  

On Sunday, the U.N. declared that the first aid airlift to these areas was completed, adding that thousands of families received humanitarian aid and needed winter supplies.

Since December 15, a 24-flight airlift full of humanitarian aid was continuously delivered to residents of Syria’s northeast. The UNHCR was responsible for executing the operation.  

The airport of Qamishli city in northest Syria −where Kurds form a majority− was used by the U.N. flights to deliver the aid. The airport was used after an official permission by the Syrian authorities. 

“The last UNHCR cargo flight landed today (Sunday) at Qamishli airport carrying urgently needed aid by displaced persons,” the UNHCR said in an official statement on Sunday. 

Residents of the area suffered of a sharp shortage in basic supplies over months. Thousands of displaced Syrians from other war-torn cities have also resorted to northeastern areas looking for shelter, which led a larger need for humanitarian aid.  

According to the UNHCR, this was the first time for the U.N. to deliver aid to these areas. 

“The flights commenced as record snowfall and winter cold struck the Middle East, bringing new hardship to some 9.3 million vulnerable people across Syria, including an estimated 6.5 million internally displaced persons,” the UNHCR said.


By: Adib Abdulmajid

Source: ARA News


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