Detainee dies under torture in Assayish prison, north Syria



ARA News

Sere Kaniye, Syria– The Kurdish Assayish forces in the predominantly Kurdish city of Sere Kaniye delivered on Wednesday the dead body of Reshwan Diwani, a resident of the city, to his family after two days of arrest at the Assayish center on the background of quarrelling with another citizen.   

Several sources from the city of Sere Kaniye/Ras al-Ain confirmed to ARA News that a quarrel broke out between Diwani and another man after Diwani demanded him to pay money the man owed him. However, the man filed a complaint to the Assayish forces −security wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− which in its turn arrested Diwani and three other members of his family, and detained the complainant as well.  

Jandar Diwani, a family member of Reshwan Diwani, told ARA News that the latter died due to extreme torture.

“Reshwan Diwani died of a stroke after being subjected to electric shock torture,” Jandar said. “The effects of torture were apparent on his body, and his leg was broken.” 

Diwani’s body was buried quietly in the city’s graveyard amidst a state of fear and outrage, without any political or family personage giving a speech.

Notably, Diwani was a former member of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) −military wing of the PYD and allied to the Assayish− and he was a guard at the medical center where the injured YPG fighters used to receive treatment during the clashes in Sere Kaniye city, in June 2013.

The leadership of the Assayish forces didn’t release any statement with regard to the conditions of Diwani’s death. 


Source: ARA News


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