Explosion hit Syria’s Aleppo, killing 12 pro-Assad militants



ARA News

Aleppo, Syria− A huge explosion hit a building where forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad were based in Aleppo city on Friday. At least 12 pro-Assad militants were killed.   

Ismail Aziz, human rights activist based in Aleppo, reported to ARA News that opposition fighters of al-Safwa al-Islamiya Brigade place explosive substances around the base of the pro-regime forces.

“The explosion led to the death of at least 12 members of the regime forces and wounded several others,” said Aziz.

According to local sources, three civilians were injured near the crossing in the neighbourhood of Bustan al-Qaser in Aleppo “after being targeted by the pro-regime snipers” −who were stationed in the al-Qaser al-Baladi (Municipal Palace) overlooking the crossing. said Aziz.

These developments coincided with clashes between the regime forces and opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).    

Meanwhile, clashes broke out between Islamist rebels of the Islamic Front and pro-Assad military forces near the village of Sheikh Najjar on Frinday evening. The number of casualties remain unknown.   


Reporting by: Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News


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