Kurdish Language Day.. Syria Kurds overcome constraints


Kurdish Language Day celebration in Derik

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Qamishli, Erbil – The Kurdish language was banned for decades in Syria, while the current war situation seems to have opened some space of freedom for Syria Kurds to revive their mother language. 

Syria Kurds celebrated the Kurdish Language Day, which marks the 15th  of May. Cultural centers and the Kurdish civic organizations interested in Kurdish language and heritage organized celebrations in different predominantly Kurdish areas, including Qamishli, the largest Kurdish-populated city in Syria.

The Free Kurdish Women Association, Helen Organization for Childhood and Azad Association organized a literary lecture for the prominent poet Kone Resh and a concert in the Free Woman Center in the city, attended by many Kurdish literates and politicians.

Celebration of Kurdish Language Day in Girke Lege, northeast of Syria. Photo: ARA News

In his lecture, Kone Resh talked about the importance of Kurdish language in building the Kurdish society and the difficulties that faced this language under dictatorships. He also invited the different Kurdish cultural bodies as well as people to take their role in promoting their language.

Shiren Ali, a Kurdish language teacher, talked to ARA News about the importance of teaching this language after years of banning by the Syrian regime.

The National Kurdish Students’ Confederation –linked to the Democratic Union Party PYD– also organized a lecture entitled “the Kurdish Language”. Many members of the Kurdish Language Institution attended the lecture presented by the Confederation member Ali Syamend, who talked about the history of the Kurdish Language among other different issues and presented a documentary about this language.

In Efrin city, northwest of Syria, the Kurdish Language Institution (SZK) also celebrated this day by holding a concert including folklore songs and mass dances as well as some poems declaimed by the poet Ferhad Merda (known as Dino).

Celebration of Kurdish Language Day in Syria’s Qamishli. Photo: ARA News

Among other Kurdish areas celebrated the Kurdish Language Day was Girke Lege in Hasaka environs, northeast of Syria, under the aegis of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), where the Kurdish Institution of DZK held a ceremony and graduated the students of the Kurdish grammar course. The ceremony took place in the Council’s hall in the town.

Fakhr al-Dien Haji, the head of KNC’s Local Committee in Girke Lege, delivered a speech congratulating the ceremony’s attendees and the successful students. He also praised the role of the Institution in teaching and preserving the language.

On behalf of the Institution, Shyar Suleiman emphasized the significant role of Hawar magazine and prince Celadet Badir Khan in lying the basis of the Latin Kurdish alphabet, announcing forthcoming Kurdish courses on different levels.

Talking to ARA News, Narin Khalil, one of the participants, thanked the KNC and the Kurdish Institution of DZK for their efforts in reviving the Kurdish language and celebrating the Kurdish Language Day.

Kurdish is an unofficial language in Syria. However, it is being taught at the moment in most schools in the predominantly Kurdish areas in northern Syria.


Reporting by: Judi Aziz and Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News

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