Syrian students in Lebanon suspended


Syrian pupils in a Lebanese school funded by UNHCR. File photo

ARA News

Beirut, Lebanon The Lebanese Minister of Higher Education, Ilias Abi Sa’b, issued a decision banning Syrian and non-Lebanese refugees from registering in the official Lebanese schools.

“With the start of registration for the new study-year in the Lebanese schools, Syrian requests were refused after the decision of the Higher Education Ministry,” Lebanese local media reported on Friday.

According to Lebanese educational sources, a number of school directors in Beirut referred back to the education directorate to know the procedures.

“Directors wanted to know whether to put students on waiting lists or register them without fees until a decision is made, and what the destiny of the previously registered students could be,” Lebanese teacher Abbas Hamida told ARA News.

“However, the school directors didn’t receive any clarifications in this regard,” Hamida added.

According to the Lebanese newspaper of As-Safir, the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education is currently in contact with several international donors to look into the possibility of receiving funding to cover the expenses of Syrian refugee students in Lebanon.

Noteworthy, Lebanon hosts more than 130,ooo Syrian refugee students. Most of them were reportedly unable to adapt with the Lebanese curriculum.

Syrian schools established in Lebanon by charities and international organizations are unable to accommadate the huge number of Syrian students.


Reporting by: Hussam al-Zeer

Source: ARA News

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