Virtual anti-ISIS rebel groups emerge in Syria to gain international support: Activists


ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – On Saturday, leaders of armed opposition groups in al-Hasakah province, northeastern Syria, announced their support to the initiative of ‘Get United’ –launched in a statement by the newly established Revolutionary Command Council.

However, Syrian opposition activists reported that the armed groups (which claimed joining the initiative) “do not exist anymore on the ground in Syria”.

The statement was signed by Osama al-Hilali (Brigade of martyr Mashaal Tammo ‘Qamishli’), Mohammed Shikhani (Brigade of Azadi ‘Amuda’), Fahim Kawkab -Abu Laith- (brigade of Rijal al-Haq’Tel Birak’), Amer al-Sarraf  (Brigade of Saraya al-Ansar ‘Tel Hamis’), Mohammed Aboud Jouani – Abu Zeinab – (brigade of al-Haq  al-Hashemi ‘al-Arisha’), Elias Tirad al-Fadil (brigade of martyr Radi al-Fadil ‘Shaddadi’), Yasser El-Assaad Daham (brigade of Shaddadi Rebels ‘Shaddadi’), and Hamdan Abu Khader Khader Abu Feras Hamza (Revolutionary Brigade ‘Margada’).

Activist pointed out that these rebel brigades and battalions have not been present in al-Hasakah since the control of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) of the southern countryside of Hasakah, December 2013,

Speaking to ARA News in Hasakah, opposition activist Fahad al-Ahmad said that most of these groups, if not all, do not have any presence on the ground.

“They no longer exist in Syria, and some of them are accused of felonies,” al-Ahmad said. “Their announcement of forming military brigades or battalions is just a way to gain military support from the international community under the pretext of fighting IS, but it will be like arming a phantom group.”

Noteworthy, a group of armed opposition with Islamic orientation held a meeting in the city of Hasakah nearly a month ago in order to unite the revolutionary forces operating in Syria, which resulted in the formation of the so-called Syrian Revolutionary Command Council. However, the moderate rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) didn’t recognize the council as an actual rebel body.


Reporting by: Sarbaz Yusif

Source: ARA News

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