Germany: Two ISIL supporters under arrest


ARA News 

Berlin, Germany – On Saturday, German prosecutors announced the arrest of two men suspected of ties with the Islamic State (IS/ISIL).  

The two suspects, who were arrested in the western German city of Aachen, were identified as Kamel Bin Yahia, a Tunisian citizen, and Yusup G., a Russian national.

The suspects were arrested “because of German privacy rules”, according to security sources.

The sources said that the Yusup G. was accused of smuggling militants to join the IS extremist group in Syria and Iraq.

While the Tunisian Yahia was arrested for transferring money for the militants, as well as smuggling a 17-year-old boy from Germany to Syria to join the IS group.

At least fifteen houses in the same city were searched by the German police after receiving reports about suspects hiding in these houses and preparing to provide the IS with support.


Reporting by: Hadi Murad

Source: ARA News

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