American prosecutors to track jihadists on return from Syria


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Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan – Eric Holder, the U.S. outgoing attorney general, said Thursday that dozens of American prosecutors are being sent to key regions in order to track down jihadists returning from Syria.

The prosecutors arrived in the Middle East, North Africa and Balkans to assist in tracking down extremists returning from the Syrian conflict, where the extremist group of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) is engaged in fighting after recruiting thousands of foreign radicals. 

“Prosecutors and senior law enforcement advisors are  being dispatched to key regions,” Holder said told reporters in Washington.

“These personnel will provide critical assistance to our allies in order to help prosecute those who return from the Syrian region bent on committing acts of terrorism.”

According to Holder, the cooperation includes “information sharing, investigations, prosecutions, and countering violent extremism.”

AFP quoted a U.S. senior Justice Department official as saying: “About 70 prosecutors were working in several countries including Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia, as well as in North Africa and the Middle East.”

“They’re not there to put a US legal system in place,” he said.

“Their goal is to ensure that the country has in place statutes that are consistent with the UN counterterrorism convention, and that these statutes are aligned with the global forum for best practices.”


Reporting by: Ayaz Ciziri

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