Islamic State’s commanders killed in Kobane


Khatab al-Kurdi, operations' commander of ISIS, was killed by Kurdish forces in Sere Kaniye, northeastern Syria. (YPG)

ARA News

Suruc, Turkey – According to a statement issued by the People’s Protection Units (YTG), at at least 28 militants, including two leaders of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) were killed Sunday during clashes with the Kurdish defending forces of Kobane. 

The YPG leadership said that Abu Ali al-Askari and Abu Mohammed al-Masri, both IS “Princes”, were among the 28 IS militant fighters killed during clashes with the Kurdish forces in Kobane. 

“Al-Askari and al-Masri were responsible for planning the military operations of the terrorists against Kobane,” the YPG said. 

Backed by Burkan al-Furat factions of the Syrian Free Army (FSA) and the Peshmerga’s heavy weapons, the YPG regained a number of Kobane districts held previously by IS extremists.

“Militants of the IS started shelling the city after losing ground to our forces in the city,” the YPG’s leadership reported.

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, Feras Hamza, an aid worker in the field hospital of Kobane, said that the YPG, the Peshmerga forces and the FSA fighters “are moving freely between the city’s neighborhoods following victories against IS militants”.

“IS radicals continue shelling the city’s neighborhoods from long distances, causing significant damage to civilian property,” Hamza added. 

Sources close to the YPG stated to ARA News that Abu Khattab, the IS prince in the village of Mabrookeh in the countryside of Sere Kaniye was killed in an ambush prepared by fighters of the People’s Protection Units in the village of Tal Bakr (30 km south-west of Sere Kaniye).

“Other members accompanying Khattab were also apparently killed in the area.”


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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