Yezidi leader calls for Kurdish unity to defeat ISIS


Yezidi leader Zaki Shingali speaking to ARA News.

ARA News

Shingal, Kurdistan Region – Yezidi leader and member of the Kurdistan Society Movement (KCK) in Mount Sinjar, Zaki Shingali, said that the militant group of Islamic State (IS/ISIS) has recently declined in the Yezidi region in northern Iraq under the blows of the Kurdish forces. 

Shingali spoke to ARA News on the first anniversary of IS invasion into the Yezidi region north Iraq.

In August 2014, the radical group stormed Yezidi areas in Shingal, executed hundreds of civilians and abducted more than 5800 Yezidis, mostly women and children. 

“Our people have suffered the most under the barbaric atrocities of Daesh (IS) terrorists over the last year. Hundreds of our men have been brutally beheaded and thousands of our women have been raped and enslaved,” he said, adding that many Yezidi youth joined the Kurdish armed forces to combat IS militants across the region. 

“Although the terrorist group still holds large areas of Shingal, it (IS) lost a lot of its power under the continuous attacks by the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga, the Shingal Protection Units and guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party,” the Yezidi leader said in an interview with ARA News.

According to Shingali, the IS extremist group is incapable of maintaining its positions in Shingal for long, saying that the group’s losses in northeastern Syria obliged IS leadership to transfer many militants to Syrian provinces like Raqqa and Hasakah. 

“The terrorist group has lost a lot of fighters in the battle for Kobane, Tel Abyad and Hasakah. They were obliged to send reinforcements to those areas especially from Shingal. So there are some apparent fragments in the IS defenses in Shingal. The terrorists won’t be able to hold for long under the Kurdish attacks,” he said. 

The Yezidi leader emphasized the importance of coordination between the Kurdish forces in order to liberate the entire region of Shingal from IS militants. 

“Kurdish factions in Shingal need to unify in order to speed the liberation of this region from IS terrorists and end the misery of thousands of Yezidis,” he told ARA News. 

Interview by: Ahmed Shiwesh

Source: ARA News 

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