Islamic State militants shoot down French drone aircraft north Syria


Image showing remnants of a French drone shot down by ISIS on Monday. Activists

ARA News

ALEPPO – The Islamic State (ISIS) radical group on Monday claimed responsibility for shooting down a French drone over Manbij city in northern Syria. 

ISIS said in a statement that its fighters have downed a French drone aircraft near Manbij on the Syria-Turkey border. 

The ISIS-linked Amaq media center released images for remnants of a French drone, saying it was shot down by the jihadis on Monday.

The extremist group has not provided further information about the operation. 

ISIS threatened to target more aircrafts for the western coalition –that has been bombing the group’s positions across Syria and Iraq for nearly two years.

Noteworthy, the coalition has recently intensified its raids on ISIS tactical units and resources, beside targeting command centers killing a number of leading members of the group.  

Reporting by: Sala Qassim 

Source: ARA News

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