Syrian opposition says it has ‘visual evidence’ on regime-ISIS ties


Syrian army forces. File photo

ARA News

The Syrian opposition’s delegation to the Geneva peace talks claimed on Monday that they are in possession of evidence about a confidential cooperation between the Assad regime and the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group in Syria.

During negotiations with Syrian government’s representatives in Geneva, opposition member Colonel Fateh Hassoun said that the delegation is in possession of “visual evidence” that confirms the government’s involvement with ISIS.

The alleged involvement reportedly included the handing over of Palmyra city to ISIS twice by the pro-Assad army forces.

“The file will be handed over to the United Nations,” Colonel Hassoun vowed.

The opposition’s member stressed they have evidence proving that there is a “close cooperation and coordination” between the government and ISIS, especially in Homs.

“Our position is honest and clear in condemning all terrorism and terrorist attacks, we also condemn ISIS and everyone who is related to unpatriotic and un-Syrian agendas,” said Naser al-hariri, a member of the Syrian opposition.

According to the Syrian opposition, the regime’s representatives at Geneva talks also refused to comment on the airstrikes that hit civilian communities.

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