about us


ARA News is an independent press agency reporting on local developments across Rojava, Kurdistan Region, Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

The agency was launched amid the ongoing dramatic developments in Syria and the Kurdish region, with a belief that the cosmopolitan audience deserves to get an in-depth knowledge on the local developments in the region. 

ARA (in Kur­dish: Ajansa Rojnamevaniya Azad) stands for ‘Independent Press Agency’. 

ARA News’ main objec­tives include the com­mit­ment to objec­tiv­ity and the basic prin­ci­ples of jour­nal­ism, and overcoming the con­straints on free­dom of speech in the region. 

Inde­pen­dent of polit­i­cal influ­ence, ARA News regards itself as a gen­uine par­tic­i­pant in the transitional phase in the region from total­i­tar­i­an­ism towards freedom of expression and democracy.

Edi­tor-in-Chief: Adib Abdul­ma­jid

E-mail: adib@aranews.org

Associate Editor: Zachary Singer

Contributing Editor: Egid Ibrahim

Amid the dra­matic devel­op­ments and con­sid­er­able chal­lenges confronting Syria and the Kurdish region, the role of media has became cru­cially significant. Undoubt­edly, the last few decades of per­se­cu­tion and sup­pres­sion in the region have left no room for objec­tive, crit­i­cal or pro­fes­sional media, and the media indus­try has, unfor­tu­nately, turned into an instru­ment employed to serve political authorities. Lack of free­dom of expres­sion was one of the basic incen­tives that sparked the pro-liberty move­ment of civil-resistance of March 2011, which descended later into a dev­as­tat­ing war. Reporting on the events and inci­dents within Syria and the Kurdish region became one of the enormous respon­si­bil­i­ties of activists (cit­i­zen jour­nal­ists). As obsta­cles and dif­fi­cul­ties mounted making it difficult for inter­na­tional media to enter the war-torn region, cit­i­zen jour­nal­ists car­ried on the task of elim­i­nat­ing the ambi­gu­ity sur­round­ing the regional political landscape and played a role in con­vey­ing its local events to the world. ARA News was founded to focus the activities of a number of Syrian citizen journalists, and to encourage efforts towards a neutral and objective press–based on the basic principles of journalism, the right of people to accurate information and autonomy in covering those events.