draw smile syrian activists launch campaign


Draw a Smile: Syrian activists launch campaign


Syrian girl participating in activities of the campaign in Kilis refugee camp. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

Gaziantep, Turkey – In the city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey, a group of Syrian activists arranged a number of entertaining activities during Eid al-Fitr for their peers who were forced to escape their war-torn country and resort to Turkey seeking for a safe haven.

The activities targeted Syrian orphans and war-injured children as well as Turkish orphans and poor children.

The three-day campaign, which started on Tuesday, had a slogan of “gladden a heart, draw a smile, and create love” .

The first two days targeted 600 Syrian children including 15 activities of painting and drawing as well as games and competitions.

The campaign headed to the poor Turkish neighbourhoods on Wednesday, the third day of Eid al-Fitr, distributing presents and leaflets on 1200 Turkish children.

On Thursday, the campaign commenced its activities in the Syrian camps in the city of Kilis, south of Turkey.

Speaking to ARA News, Abdulqadir Abo al-Kher, co-founder of Syrian Values’ Makers Group, commented on the campaign saying: “The campaign aims to pay respect to Syrian martyrs by making their children happy.”

“Our activities try to draw smiles that were stolen by the regime’s barrel bombs and weapons,” he said. 

Abo al-Khir also pointed out that the campaign “is the threshold for more work”. “We will go on to achieve our goal in reviving our great values and bridge our children’s relationship with their past.”

Syrian Values’ Makers Group cooperates and coordinates with a number of Syrian organizations and civil activists in Turkey in arranging such campaigns.


Reporting by: Ali Isso

Source: ARA News

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