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Istanbul, Turkey − Ibrahim Biro, secretary of the Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria, told ARA News that the Kurdish political movement in Syria is in urgent need to participate in the ranks of the Syrian National Coalition, the main opposition umbrella, in order to guarantee a fair solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria

“The Kurdish National Council (KNC) will soon join the Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SNC),” Biro said in an interview with ARA News. “We expect an agreement to be signed within a few days after both would have decided on the consistency of the terms included in the agreement.”

Biro said that the KNC was cautious during the meetings, especially concerning the third article of the agreement which focuses on a “Decentralized Administration” in Syria, as the Kurdish Council pointed out its demand of “Federalism” as the only efficient form to guarantee rights in Syria. 

Biro told ARA News that during the talks −held last week in Istanbul between the KNC and the coalition− the Kurds insisted that the name of state should be “the Syrian Republic” (excluding the term “Arab”) as the coalition has adopted the flag of independence in 1946 (the flag which has three stars with white, green and black colours, used after the independence of Syria from the French mandate until the rule of the Baath Party).

“As the country was called “the Syrian Republic” during that phase,” Biro argued. 

On the issue of wording the constitutional recognition to the Kurds in Syria, Biro said: “It was a controversial point between both sides as we (KNC) insisted the use of the phrase “recognition of national rights of the Kurdish people in accordance with the international conventions“, while they (SNC) wanted to use the phrase “ensuring the full rights of Syrian citizens in accordance with international conventions and treaties“. 

Biro referred to the “hidden hands” of several parties trying to stand against signing the agreement; he considered that a new failure will be added to the Kurds’ history in Syria if the Kurdish Council would fail to join the coalition.

The KNC, headed by Abdul Hamid Haji Darwish, held several meetings with the Syrian opposition in Istanbul last week. The talks resulted in a document named “KNC’s initiative to join the SNC. The document is expected to be approved in the coming days, according to Biro. 


Interview by: Rebwar Boski

Source: ARA News


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