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Amude, Syria− Amid the ongoing war in Syria that claimed lives of more than 11,000 children across the country, Kurds didn’t hesitate to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day in the city of Amude, demanding the world to take action and stop the continuing violations against children in Syria. 

In cooperation with the Newroz Center for Civil Society, the Goleshina Assembly for Kurdish Women organized a festival in the city of Amude on Monday, and celebrated the Universal Children’s Day in a form of protest against the growing violence that targeted thousands of Syrian children. 

Zainab Khoja, director of the Assembly, opened the celebration by delivering a speech in which she emphasized the consequences the ongoing war may leave on the future of children in Syria and the region, calling on all conflicting parties in Syria to bear their responsibilities and take into consideration the children’s rights in better life conditions.

Hundreds of children in Amude joined the celebration of the Universal Children’s Day.  

“We are gathering today to celebrate this international occasion and stress our children’s rights in a better life as all children in the world,” Khoja told ARA News. “Thousands of children have been killed during the continuing war in Syria, while others were displaced from their homes and deprived their right to education.”  

During the festival, a group of children performed a drama sketch titled The Train of Death in three languages (Kurdish, Arabic and Assyrian), trying to convey an image of the miserable reality of war and its impacts on Syrian children.  “Shera u Khunav”,  “Zozan u Hesen” and “Ahoramazda u Ahrimancma” were among the drama sketches played by Amude’s children. 

Music was also present amidst the celebration, where a crew of children played some folk music and danced on the Kurdish melodies.

“Such activities illustrate that our people can survive even under the worst conditions in the country,” Khoja said.

Hasan is a Kurdish language teacher and member of the Goleshina Assembly. He participated in organizing Monday’s festival in Amude, north Syria. 

“One of the main roles civil organizations play in war situations is that they keep focusing on the importance of the human aspect amid violence and brutality, like what we are experiencing now in Syria,” Hasan told ARA News. “By organization such a celebration in this important occasion (Universal Children’s Day), Goleshina Assembly confirms that life will continue with the help of anti-violence activists and civil organizations. We are reminding our children that a child can still have the right to enjoy some moments even in the worst conditions. Today, we could draw a smile on those tired small faces.”   


Reporting by: Idris Huta

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid. Translation by: Abdul Ilah Ibrahim)




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