Assyrian activist arrested by pro-Assad security forces in Damascus

Member of the Syrian security at a checkpoint in Damascus. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change demanded the release of the civil activist, lawyer Abjar Gewriya, the member of the Democratic Assyrian Organization, who was arrested by Syrian pro-regime forces at a security checkpoint in Damascus last week. Local as well as international human rights organizations urged the Syrian regime to reveal the destiny of the Assyrian activist.

“There is no clear reason for arresting Gewriya,” said the Damascus Declaration opposition group in a statement. “Arresting members of the Democratic Assyrian Organization clarifies the regime’s intention to eliminate any group which aspires to democracy and freedom in Syria, even if such groups represent minorities, while Assad presents himself as protector of Syria’s minorities. Gewriya’s arrest is strongly condemned and we demand his immediate release.”

Noteworthy, the city of Damascus is internally divided by regime-held security checkpoints, which partially paralysed movement inside the Syrian capital. Dozens of anti-Assad civil activists were reportedly arrested in Damascus at the security checkpoints.

The Damascus Declaration group accused the Syrian regime of arresting and torturing hundreds of activists, showing concern about the case of the member of the Democratic Assyrian Organization.


Reporting by Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News

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