Escalation of clashes between Kurdish forces and pro-Assad militants

Kurdish fighters of the YPG. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – On Thursday, the clashes continued for the fourth day in Hasakah city between the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and the Assayish forces on one side and the pro-regime militants of the National Defence (backed by armed men from the National Youth Party for Justice and Development headed by Perwin Ibrahim).

In a phone call with ARA News, Nisrin Ahmad, Kurdish resident of Hasakah, said that the security situation in the city is “unstable” due to the continuous clashes between the Kurdish forces and National Defence militants.

“Members of the National Defense backed by armed men from the National Youth Party and Arab tribal fighters got engaged in clashes with the Kurdish forces of the YPG and the Assayish in the district of Tel Hajar near the Pullman Garage and in the area located between Tel Hajar district and Masakin al-Mahata,” Ahmad said.

Ahmad added that mortar shells of unknown sources hit the district of Tel Hajar and near the Train Station in al-Mahata neighbourhood in Hasakah.

Local sources from Hasakah city stated to ARA News that a secret meeting between several Arab tribes was held in the city and that the participants discussed the formation of an Arab armed army in Ghueran district in order to protect the Arab areas from “the attacks of the PYD’s armed forces” (in reference to Assayish and YPG) on the background of the recent clashes and the arrest campaign carried out against Kurdish citizens in the center of the city on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, several armed opposition groups in Hasakah city released a statement on Thursday “warning of any forced displacement or arrest operations or killing of Arab residents in predominantly Kurdish neighbourhoods” –on the background of the recent clashes in the city and the participation of several Arab tribes in the fighting on the side of regime forces and members of the National Defense.

The statement released by the opposition groups assured that they are in a state of alert and are ready to act against any mischiefs against the Arab residents of Hasakah city.

Fuad Aliko, member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria, told ARA News: “The Syrian regime is using all its tools in the region (northeast Syria) to create a permanent Arab-Kurdish conflict so that Kurds and Arabs don’t unite in fighting against it (the regime).” 


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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