Euphrates Dam Lake at risk: Raqqa local council

Euphrates Dam Lake, Raqqa province, Syria. File photo

ARA News

Raqqa, Syria- The conducting committee in Raqqa local council issued a statement announcing the results of a research to the decreasing level of the Euphrates Dam Lake’s water. The statement presents the reasons and damages of water decrease as well as proposed solutions to increase the flow of water.

The statement exposed the reasons of the decreasing water level as “First, water income from its crossing point on the Syrian-Turkish borders, the border region of Jarables, is zero most of the times. Second, drawing water for irrigation purposes in Raqqa province, especially this time of the year; the irrigation climax”.

“There is a need to generate electric power from Euphrates Dam power station as being the main and sole provider of electricity in the whole province.”

Talking about the damages caused by the low water level in the lake, the statement said: “The deactivation of all agricultural projects that receive water via engines from the Euphrates Dam Lake threatens the lives of thousands of families working in agriculture. Moreover, the draining wells of the potable water in the villages and areas surrounding the lake do not fanction anymore, and what remained became dangerously low. There is a clear damage to the wheat crop of 2014 as it needs one last irrigation in May. There is also damage to the cotton crop of 2014, on the lake’s banks, as it needs the grow irrigation in May. Abstention of many farmers in the governmental irrigation areas from planting the summer crops of 2014 was seen, basically for fear of lack of water, beside the desertification around the lake.

Raqqa local council also referred to the threats to fishes in the lake, “especially that they lay eggs and hatch this time of the year”.

Raqqa city and its surroundings saw a continuous power cut for long hours due to the current situation of the water of Euphrates Dam Lake, “which passively affect people’s activities and lives”.

The proposed solutions concentrate mainly on increasing the water flow from the Turkish side in accordance with the relevant international covenants.

The report came simultaneously with water cut in many villages and sub-districts surrounding the lake, for many days due to the low water level.


Reporting by: Hana Muslim

Source: ARA News

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