Explosion hit a middle school in Syria’s Hasakah, casualties reported

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – An explosion hit on Thursday a middle school in the city of Hasakah, northeast of Syria. Hamid Mahfoz school in Salihiya neighbourhood was exposed to an explosion while dozens of students were doing their exams. Several casualties were reported.

According to local sources, an explosive device was planted in front of the school by an anonymous on Thursday morning, and the device blew up after the building was filled with students and staff, “which indicates the executers goal of targeting those who were present at that moment”.

“Father of a student was killed and 6 persons were injured, while the explosion caused light material damages to the location,” said Dilovan Mohammad, an eyewitness. “Members of the pro-regime National Defence who were controlling the school escaped the place after the explosion, while the Kurdish forces of Assayish and the PYD surrounded the location.”

The city of Hasakah witnessed over the last four days mounting wave violence amid clashes between the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and pro-Assad militants of the National Defence.


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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