Kurds will participate in Syria elections: Aleppo governor

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – Mohammad Akkad, Aleppo governor, told the Syrian state TV that “Kurds in cities of Efrin and Kobane in Aleppo province are going to vote for the upcoming Syrian presidential elections in towns of Nebbel and Zahra, north of Aleppo”.

This coincided with the statement of Akram Hisso, head of the Self-rule Administration in northern areas (led by the Democratic Union Party PYD) in an interview with “Sama” TV (close to the Syrian regime) that according to the social contract their Administration “is an essential part of Syria where all Syrians have the right to freely practice their activities”.

Husien Azzam, Hisso’s deputy, also stated to “Sama”: “Elections are free practice and each citizen has the right to participate in balloting.”

Commenting on Aleppo governor’s statement, activist Mohamad Ahmo from Efrin, told ARA News: “No one in Efrin is going to vote for Bashar al-Assad, except for some members of some pro-regime Arab tribes, or they may force school teachers and civil servants to elect.”

“Balloting boxes are in the besieged towns of Nebbl and Zahra which cannot be reached easily. As we know, there are no balloting boxes in Efrin and the governor statement is only to evoke commotion,” Ahmo argued.

Preparations for the Syrian presidential elections are being conducted in various areas across Syria. Balloting for Syrian migrants abroad started on Wednesday amid abstention from many countries not to hold elections on their lands. In Syria, the presidential elections start on the  3rd of upcoming June.


Reporting by: Sadruddin Kino

Source: ARA News

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