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Kobane, Syria– The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDPS) released a statement condemning the recent prosecution of a number of its members in Efrin city by the PYD-led self-rule administration’s “People’s Court” on Tuesday.

Mohiuddin Sheikh Saydi and Mohammed Hussein were sentenced to 20 years in absentia, while Bayazid Mamo, Siyamand Barim and Mohammed Saeed Isso were sentenced to 10 years. Several other KDPS members −who are detained by forces loyal to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− were sentenced to different periods of imprisonment and financial penalties.

“People’s Court” was established by the PYD-led self rule administration −which was announced months ago by the PYD and several allied parties in predominantly Kurdish areas north Syria. 

The “People’s Court”, which operates under the PYD-led self-rule government, issued on Tuesday court judgements against the KDPS members on charges of “carrying out explosions in PYD-linked centers”, in addition to “exploding a private car”. Meanwhile, the PYD court sentenced Mohiuddin Sheikh Saydi and Mohammed Hussein to 20 years in absentia on charges of “executing terrorist attacks”, according to the decision of the court.

The KDPS −which is deemed a rival party to the PYD in Syria− described the court judgements as a “political revenge” against its members and supporters. The KDPS’s statement pointed out that the judgements of the PYD-led People’s Court were “absolutely unjust” and aimed at “impairing the KDPS position”.

“Our party members who were detained by the PYD forces since more than 8 months and who were judged abusively by the PYD’s illegitimate court had been subjected to different kinds of humiliation and torture, and the accusations were fabricated by the PYD in order to discredit our party and to mislead the Syrian and Kurdish public opinion,” the KDPS leadership said in the statement.

According to the KDPS, the PYD aims at covering its violations against the Kurdish people in Syria. 

The statement demanded the immediate release of the KDPS members and called on the Syrian and Kurdish public opinion and all the human rights and humanitarian organizations to interfere to prevent PYD’s practices against KDPS members and other citizens held at the PYD’s detention centers.

Speaking to ARA News, lawyer Mustafa Osso, member of the Political Bureau of the KDPS, said: “These condemned judgments are without any doubts politically motivated and aim at oppressing the political movement which opposes PYD’s politics, and doesn’t serve the Kurdish cause in Syria.” 

“We call on human rights organizations to interfere to stop the illegitimate procedures of the PYD-linked court against our party members,” Osso appealed.


Reporting by: Rozbihan Saeed

Source: ARA News


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