Syria’s Qamishli to join presidential elections

Assad supporters in Qamishli city. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – With the approach of the Syrian presidential elections, the regime undertook running the electoral campaigns, equipping balloting centers, distributing tasks and responsibilities and even providing the required security for these centers.

Being a partially regime-held area, on the security and administrative levels, Qamishli city in northeastern Syria started election’s preparations under which a number of media campaigns, calling for participation, are launched under the banner “to build the future Syria” .

Jindar Mohammad, a resident of Qamishli, told ARA News: “Despite of the city’s participation in all anti-Assad protests throughout the three-years-revolution, the regime influence is still strong. Although most of the city’s residents boycotted the Constitution Amendment referendum, despite of the regime government pressure, most of them today appear to be willing to vote in the elections.”

“The Syrian regime tries to oblige people to participate in the elections through the manipulation of salaries’ deliverance to state employees and changing exam dates at high schools and universities during the election days,” Mohammad said.

According to local sources, pro-Assad marches and official ceremonies take place nearly every Sunday.

“The majority of Kurds will boycott the elections in response to the regime’s destruction to Syria by barrel bombs and rockets,” Mohammad argued.


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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