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Qamishli, Syria – Syrian Kurdish refugees, who illegally cross into Turkey fleeing the ongoing war in Syria, still face humiliation and premeditated murder by the Turkish border guards, locals said.

Such practices still take place on the borders between Turkey and the Syrian Kurdish-majority areas, despite of the international pressure and the protests taken place in some Turkish cities against such violations.

In its statement, the Turkish Government apologized last week promising to stop such practices, following the demands of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) and the Syrian National Coalition (SNC).

Kurdish refugees from Kobane city told ARA News that they were exposed to “humiliation and torture” by the Turkish border guards during their flee to Turkey through Derik (al-Malkiya) city, in Hasaka province, northeast of Syria.

Khabat Mustafa, a refugee from Kobane, said: “I work in Turkey. My brother Adel, who works in Iraqi Kurdistan, called me to meet him at Semilka border crossing between Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria because he is sick. So I came back to Syria through al-Derbassiyah city’s border crossing.”

“Later on, we decided to come back to Turkey, so we talked to a smuggler. The smuggler asserted that the road is safe by an agreement with the Turkish border guards and asked for 200 USD (35,000 Syrian Lira) per person. When we reached the borders, the smuggler refused to continue and encouraged us to go on, emphasizing the road’s safety. After crossing the border, the Turkish border guards asked us to stop under threat of shooting,” Mustafa told ARA News.

According to Mustafa, the border guards’ officer asked them about the reasons of coming to Turkey. “I told him about my brother’s sickness and treatment in Turkey as well as my job. However, he asked the guards to punish us and take personal photos for our faces. That was one of the most horrific days I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. We have been tortured for hours before being sent back to the Syrian side.”

The official border crossings between Turkey and the Kurdish-majority areas in Syria are closed from the Turkish side. However, they are opened, for other Syrians in Aleppo and Idlib provinces, as well as Tel Abyad in Raqqa province, though held by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Syrian’s who try to cross into Turkey illegally are exposed to danger of detention, torture and even death in some cases.


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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