Kurdish city hosts thousands of internally displaced Syrians

Displaced Syrian families looking for shelter. File photo

ARA News Kobane, Syria – The predominantly Kurdish city of Kobane in the Syrian northern province of Aleppo still hosts internally displaced Syrians from other provinces in its schools, where each class has turned into a home for one of the families regardless of their members’ number.

Despite monthly assistance these families receives from locals, it is not enough to fulfill their needs, which affects their children’s lives such that most of them cannot continue their schooling.

“All householders are unemployed due to the deteriorating situations in the city,” said one of those displaced. “We were displaced and humiliated first, and then people dealt unfairly with us here.”

Speaking to ARA News in Kobane, Ahmad Muslim, a displaced young man from the city of Homs, said: “We believe that we will return to our city one day, once the situations get better.”

Muslim pointed out his family’s refusal to flee to other neighbouring countries due to violations Syrians face there, and was surprised with the stories they hear about the bad treatments of Syrians.

“We hosted Iraqis when Americans interfered in Iraq, not to mention Palestinians and Lebanese in June 2006 war; however; they did not treat us the same,” Muslim added.

ARA News met one of the displaced children in Kobane who talked about her past hopes of having a new pair of shoes.

“I saw a girl at my age with no leg due to an explosion that took place in her neighbourhood, so I no longer want these shoes. I want peace to prevail in my country,” the 10-year-old girl said.

Based on the statistics of the relief committee in the Kurdish National Council (KNC), “the number of IDPs in Kobane exceeds 5000, including women and children”.

The city of Kobane hosts displaced Syrians from various provinces, including Aleppo, Homs and Hamah.

Local relief organizations distribute humanitarian aid to the displaced Syrians in Konbane, including food and clothes. However, IDPs still demand international organizations to interfere and deliver more help as Kobane is for more than a year besieged by militants of the Islamic State (IS) and the inhabitants themselves suffer sharp shortage of basic supplies.


Reporting by: Welaa Ali

Source: ARA News

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