Syrian researchers address crisis-linked sensitive issues

Syrian boy in Homs. File photo

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Al-Hasakah, Syria Hivos Knowledge Programme released a new study tackling “the violent groups in Syria”.

The study, performed under the supervision of Syrian researcher Rostom Mahmod, includes a collection of research papers on the armed groups’ influence on local communities in Syria.

The supervising researcher submitted a paper entitled “The Popular Protection Units ‘YPG’: the Domination Desire on Changeable Community”.

Other researcher, Ratib Sha’bo, tackled the regime’s armed groups in a paper entitled “Shabiha: Trine of Violence, Sectarianism and Economy”.

“The Armed Opposition in Syria: Islamists Topple the Civic Revolution” is another research paper submitted by critic Rashed Issa.

Nart Abd al-Karim talked about the nature of transformation in the Syrian army structure in a paper named “The Syrian Army: The Transformation Story from an Army to a Militia” .

“With the fall of the centralized state system in Syria, one of the first and most important results of the three year revolution that ravished the country was the state’s lack of complete control on all societal types. With the fall of the security system, all Syrian local groups, including Syrian Kurds, Alawites, conservative Sunnis and other Syrian social components, started to plan their self-protection mechanisms,” according to Abd al-Karim, a Syrian researcher.

Hivos Center also issued a long study tackling Syrian women’s situations under violence and open clashes among Syrians.

The Study was edited by Rostom Mahmod, who also participated in a detailed paper entitled “The Syrian Women’s Conditions during Al-Baath Era: The Delicate Domination Story”.

Ratib Sha’bo and Nart Abd a’-Karim also participated in the women’s study tackling the issue of Syrian women in the revolution as well as the Syrian women alternative institutions.

Author Ali Jazo concluded the research with a narrative on the revolutionary biographies of three Syrian women.

Speaking to ARA News, Rostom Mahmod pointed out the aim of such research, saying: “We aim to mix scientific methodology of the western researchers and the local living experience of Syrian researchers in order to produce profound knowledge of the details of the Syrian society under the current circumstances.”

Mahmod mentioned that the center issued two former studies on the relations among the different Syrian groups and will soon issue a future paper on education in Syria.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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