Syrians seeking alternative communication networks after constant cut

Satellite internet provider. File photo

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – Since the start of the Syrian crisis, the communication and internet service experienced multiple obstacles causing repeated cut in several areas across the country.

In the northeastern city of Qamishli, communication service used to be disrupted every now and then, until witnessing a complete cut nearly six months ago.

According to observers, the reason behind lack of communication and internet service was sometimes a foul-up in the main centers in Damascus and Aleppo, or cut of provider-cables by pro-Assad forces and other armed groups.

Speaking to ARA News, Ibrahim Hemo, a worker in the Communication Company in Qamishli city, said: “Communication cut in Qamishli occurred due to the phot-cable cut in Raqqa, held by militants of the Islamic State (IS).”

Ibrahim pointed out that they had sent a technical team to fix the problem, “but IS militants prevented them from doing their job”.

The Turkish communication network was the alternative of the Syrian network in Qamishli.

Turkish communication and Internet lines have been used despite the high costs.

Arif Mohammed, a resident of Qamishli, commented on the issue saying: “We cannot get along without communication so we resorted to Turkish cell coverage.”

“Using the Turkish network is relatively safer for opposition activists in Syria as it is not observed by the Syrian authorities,” Mohammed told ARA News.

Recently, satellite service has been available in the city via aerials belonging to foreign companies, where it was only used by activists, later on by everyone.

Opposition activist Rodi Ali told ARA News that the satellite network “is available in cafés”.

Aslan Ahme, owner of an internet café in Qamishli, said: “I was about to close my café due to the continuous cut of the local network. However, I could continue my work with the availability of the satellite network.”

Syria Tel and MTN companies are the only internet providers in Syria. However, they provide their services in the regime-held areas only.


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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