Fresh surge of violence hit Syria’s Kobane

IS militants heading to the western countryside of the Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria. File photo

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – The Islamic State (IS/ISIS), an al-Qaeda offshoot, took control of two villages in the western countryside of the city of  Kobane in Aleppo province, northern Syria, on Monday evening.

However, the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) regained control of the villages after clashes with IS militant fighters on Tuesday, local sources told ARA News.

One of the displaced villagers stated to ARA News that the YPG (military arm of the Democratic Union Party ‘PYD’) withdrew from the village of Zeerik and parts of Taalik in the western countryside of Kobane, after violent clashes with militants of the Islamic State, to counter-attack the militants on Tuesday.

“These villages evacuated the women and children, while the majority of men remained to defend their villages, where they were able ــ with the support of the YPG forces ــ to regain control of the villages after hours of IS control,” the source added.

Meanwhile, militant fighters of IS reportedly bombarded with artillery and heavy mortar the YPG-held villages of Dhakirman and Handrails in western Kobane on Tuesday evening, causing extensive structural damage, but no casualties were reported.

On the other hand, local activists from the city of Kobane told ARA News that the eastern countryside of Kobane experienced a heavy assault by the Islamic State group with tanks and machine guns.

“The shelling (which targeted the villages of Serzouri, Koperlik, Qaza Ali, and al-Jirin) was coupled with violent clashes during which one of the IS-led tanks was destroyed by the YPG fighters,” activists said.

In related developments, IS continued shelling the village of Tel Seifi and the surrounding areas in the southern countryside of Kobane with heavy guns for the third consecutive day.

Observers described the recent attacks by the Islamic State on the countryside of Kobane as the heaviest since the start of the battles between them and the YPG six months ago.


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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