ISIL militants seize new Syrian oil field

ARA News

Aleppo, Syria – On Wednesday, Islamic State’s (IS/ISIL) militants seized control of the Shaer oil field in Homs province in central Syria, following days of clashes with Syrian regime’s military forces, local sources reported.

Speaking to ARA News from Homs, aid worker Omar Sulaiman said that IS militants fighters were able to seize the area where the Shaer oil field is located in the countryside of Homs after fierce clashes with pro-Assad regime, which lasted for five days. 

“At least 30 pro-Assad soldiers were killed and dozens of other were taken hostage by IS militants, before the radical group announced its full control of the oil field and the surrounding area,” Sulaiman said. 

Activists reported that the IS extremists were also able to seize large quantites of weapons and ammunition in Shaer, after taking control of the Syrian regime’s military base in the area. 

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that militants of the Islamic State summarily executed dozens of regime forces in Shaer area in Homs province on Wednesday. 

Noteworthy, the IS militants have seized an estimated 81 oil wells in Iraq and Syria over the last few months.


Reporting by: Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News 


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