Kurdish youth return home to fight Islamic State militants

Officers of the Peshmerga army and fighter of the YPG meeting at the Syrian border with Iraqi Kurdistan. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – Hundreds of young Kurdish men from different parts of Western Europe returned to Iraqi Kurdistan as well as Syrian Kurdish region to fight against the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) -an al Qaeda offshoot- following growing militant offensives against their hometowns, especially the ongoing IS-led attacks against the city of Kobane.

Speaking to ARA News, Shyar Hussein, a young Kurdish man who used to live in Denmark and came back to join the Peshmerga army in Iraqi Kurdistan, said: “Since the threat of IS terrorists grew against the Kurdistan Region, it is our duty as Kurds to defend our home, culture and people.”

Hussein asserted that he would not return to Denmark “before defeating IS”.

Many young men share Hussein’s attitude. Agid H. from Turkey left his work in Istanbul and tried to enter the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane many times.

“I heard about the sufferings of Kobane’s people. We must join the Popular Protection Units (YPG). At the moment, defending Kobane equals defending Kurdistan,” he told ARA News.

Meanwhile, many young Syrian Kurdish men who fled to Turkey months ago are returning home to join the fight against IS militants who launch extensive attacks against Kurdish areas there. Mustafa Mohammed, who used to live in the Turkish city of Gaziantep for nearly one year, recently joined the YPG forces in northern Syria.

“IS terrorists are attacking civilians everywhere. Its end will be in Kobane, as we’re all determined to eliminate this extremist group,” Mohammed told ARA News.

Sources in Iraqi Kurdistan reported that dozens of foreign fighters have recently joined the Peshmerga army forces to fight IS militants, including some Americans as well as some Europeans of Middle Eastern origins.

On the other hand, French, Belgian, Dutch and Norwegians of Arab origins have joined the Islamic State extremists over the last few months, after pledging allegiance to the Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“French fighters are the most dangerous among IS militants. They are the most radical and occupy leading positions in the group, sources reported. “They also oversee military operations in several IS-held areas in Syria and Iraq.”


Reporting by: Joan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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