560 Syrian doctors and nurses killed

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – According to Syrian doctors and medical staff, the living conditions and humanitarian situation of civilians living in areas controlled by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad “is worse than in ISIS-held areas”.

More than 560 doctors and nurses were reportedly killed by the regime forces since the start of the ongoing war in 2011, doctors disclosed to the NYT, adding that 155 medical centers have been bombed in Syria so far. 

Barrel bombs are the deadliest weapon used by the pro-Assad forces, which cause large damage to  buildings and lead to the death and injury of dozens at once. 

“The bombs explode with terrific force and breadth, amputating limbs and driving shrapnel throughout the body,” a Syrian doctors said. 

“One doctor we interviewed was still horrified by the indelible image of a mother and daughter whose bodies were blown apart while their hands remained clasped together.”

“When work in a field hospital becomes like death, it is difficult to imagine how life has any chance at all,” two Syrian doctors confirmed to the NYT.

A number of Syrian doctors and nurses launched a campaign calling on the U.S. for help in setting up a buffer-zone in northern Syria in order to facilitate entrance of humanitarian aid, and to save the lives of thousands of stranded civilians in the war-torn country. 


Reporting by: Lorin Silo 

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