After liberating the city of Kobane, Kurds fight ISIS in the countryside

Kurdish fighters of the YPG. File photo

ARA News

Suruc, Turkey – Subsequent to the control of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units’ (YPG) of the city of Kobane in northern Syria, battles against the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) moved to the city’s countryside, Kurdish military sources reported on Tuesday.

Speaking to ARA News in Kobane, Saeed Judi, fighter in the ranks of the YPG, said that clashes continue in the eastern fighting front in the vicinity of the village of Tal Hajib, amid the advance of the Kurdish forces towards the villages of Halanj, Dawood farm and Dihabik in the northeastern areas down to the village of Alishar village.

In the southern countryside, confrontations took place on Tuesday evening near the village of Idi Qoy, as the YPG regained control of the villages of Termik, Kolemd, and Mamed.  Clashes between Kobane’s defending forces and IS militants have also continued in the vicinity of the village of Minaz village for the third consecutive week.

On the western front, the YPG fighter Noureddin Gabani told ARA News on the phone that the IS militants withdrew to the vicinity of the Izaa hill, while the village of Tel Shaeer and its surrounding farms fell under the control of Kurdish forces.

These source also confirmed that the Peshmerga’s heavy weapons, which have been erected over the Mashta Noor hill (strategic hill overlooking Kobane), targeted strongholds of IS group in the countryside of Kobane on Tuesday.

This prompted the extremists to gather crowds in villages of southern and eastern Kobane, such as Qara Moogh in the eastern areas and around the cement plant in the southeastern areas.

In other developments, the YPG’s Media Center issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the Kurdish forces have seized a large number of heavy weapons and a great deal of ammunition following the withdrawal of the IS extremists from Kobane’s suburbs.

The YPG’ leadership pointed out that at least 30 IS bodies were left behind following the group’s withdrawal.

Noteworthy, the defending forces of Kobane (YPG, the Peshmerga and factions of the Free Syrian Army ‘FSA’) were able to regain control of the entire city of Kobane and the clashes moved to the surrounding countryside.

Source: ARA News

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