Syrian regime transfers political prisoners to new detention centers

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – The Syrian regime forces transferred hundreds of political prisoners from Adra central prison in Damascus to other detention centers in Syria, including the central prisons of Hamah, Sweida, Tartous, Homs and Latakia.

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, civil rights activist Ahmed Sabbagh said that the pro-regime forces moved about 1500 prisoners from the Central Prison of Adra in Damascus suburb to other prisons in other Syrian cities, “after the battles between Assad forces and opposition fighters started to approach the town of Adra”.

Syrian activists considered the transfer process illegal and a violation to the international standards of prisoners’ rights, and that the regime forces have committed abuses against some of the detainees who were transferred to other prisons, especially in the central prison of Hamah, which is known for the systematic torture of prisoners.

The pro-Assad forces have transferred detained director of the Syrian Center for Freedom of Expression, Mazen Darwish, from Adra to the central prison of Hama, according to a statement issued by the center –run by Darwish’s colleagues.  

In other developments, the pro-regime forces imposed a siege on the town of Muadamiyat al-Sham in the western countryside of Damascus, to prevent potential advance by rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) –who are in control of the town. 

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, civil rights activist Yezen Ibrahim reported that the pro-regime forces targeted residential neighborhoods in Muadamiyat al-Sham with heavy artillery “launched from the regime-held headquarters of the Fourth Military Division”. 

“At least three FSA fighters were killed during the attack”.


Reporting by: Jawad al-Ali

Source: ARA News

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