791 Palestinians imprisoned in Syria, others missing: NGO

Starving Palestinians Trapped in Yarmouk Camp south of Damascus, Syria. File photo

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – The Syrian Network for Human Rights released a statement Sunday, expressing its concern about the high numbers of victims of torture and enforced disappearance among Syrian-Palestinians, saying they have been “languishing in the jails of the Syrian regime due to the large number of prisoners”.

The network said in the statement, of which ARA News received a copy, that at least 791 Palestinians are held in Syrian regime’s prisons, adding that many other cases went undocumented due to the shortage of information and the hesitation of some of the detainees’ families of disclosing their relatives’ arrest for security concerns. 

The network called on the Syrian regime to disclose the fate of the Palestinian prisoners held in detention centers.  

“The Syrian regime’s systematic torture of detainees, especially the Palestinian refugees, must stop and they should be treated according to the international laws and conventions that prohibit torture of detainees,” the network’s statement read. 

The security and judicial authorities conceal the information about the Syrian Palestinian detainees in the regime’s prisons, “and this is deemed as crime of enforced disappearances”.

The group also launched a distress call to the Arab and international human rights’ organizations to assist in revealing the fate of the Palestinian detainees in Syrian prisons.

Noteworthy, the number of Palestinian refugees in Syria exceeds the 500,000 refugees distributed in a number of camps within several Syrian provinces. The Yarmouk refugee camp, south of the capital Damascus, is one of the largest Palestinian refugee camps in diaspora, which suffers now from suffocating siege imposed by the Syrian regime military forces, where at least 100 people have died of starvation.


Reporting by: Hussam al-Shami

Source: ARA News

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